Stories are powerful portals that temporarily bring people into another world. I believe that we must be careful about the places we allow our minds to venture and critically assess what we just have experienced. Powerful themes and concepts can be uncovered by the pondering reading. I will be providing my opinion on several stories- films and books. In each review I will try to incorporate several details:

  1. Overall rating- a classic 5 star rating
  2. Brief Summary- quick background information that will not contain spoilers
  3. Brief Review- a quick reasoning for my rating- this brief review will not include spoilers but can be used to decide if the story suits a particular reader/watcher
  4. Extended review- a longer review that includes my opinion about the events that unfolded in the story- this is a good summary for someone who does not want to read/watch and would like an adequate handle on the story or would like to reflect upon something they just read/watched
  5. Morality rating-a quick 5 star rating for how morally sound the movie is- this will be accompanied by reasoning and specific events that may be inappropriate for certain audiences (good for parents/teachers!)


As a final note I strongly value respect. I am currently in undergrad studies and believe that the best classes are those in which respect is prominent among peers and authorities. No matter how undesirable a story is, I will always respect those that poured their time and heart into the production. Any comments that are offhand as opposed to critical will be removed to maintain a positive environment.

I hope you enjoy hearing my thoughts- I would also love to hear yours, please comment!

As for the other features on my site, the A-Z guide lists all the books and movies I have reviewed in alphabetical order. The book suggestions by topic tab houses a list I have generated that gives specific readers a reference point for finding new books.

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