Gilmore Girls- A Day in the Life

Overall Rating-2 out of 5 stars

“Fall” Finale Episode- 5 out of 5 stars

Brief Summary (Will not contain spoilers!)

This four episode series covers the life of Rory (Alexis Bledel) and Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham) eight years after the season finale for the TV shows. If you have not watched Gilmore Girls, then wait to watch this series as it focuses on the main events of their lives that did not unfold during the TV series. Rory’s love life and career and Lorelai’s inn and relationship with Luke are the main events of this series along with a death in the family. Each episode features one season over the course of a year and is approximately 1.5 hours.

Brief Review (Will not contain spoilers!)

The first three episodes, winter, spring, and summer, are extremely depressing. While they grasp at the concepts and quirks of what made Gilmore Girls special, they were empty and shallow. The two main characters were not in character at all rather they were extremely watered down and confusing. We were bored through most of the first 3 episodes. The last episode was phenomenal and saved the entire series. There were numerous twists and beautiful surprises that lacked “cheese” and were accompanied by impressive actors. One thing the directors did right was they brought back almost all of the old characters. They somehow got everyone back to shoot these. Will there be another follow up episode or series?

Extended Review:

Rory and Logan- There whole relationship was totally weird! It was disappointing that Rory did not learn from her past experience with Dean but rather jumped right in on another girl’s man once again. They are obviously perfect for each other but they just do not commit. Well Rory just won’t commit. Instead of tying up this loose end, it was left on a total cliff hanger. We were holding our breathes begging Logan to come running onto the set with a ring when Rory dropped her bomb to end the series… Oh and the life and death brigade was awesome. We were through the roof at that point.

Rory- Her character is disappointing. Instead of the morale, head strong, confident girl that starred in the TV show, a shallow character replaces her in this series. I was hoping that she would pull herself together by the end. I did love the idea of the book, I think that was awesome. I hope that we get to see where it goes and I hope that she makes the right choice about the baby. Kudos for showing the joys of being a mother in a world that dignifies murdering unborn children. But hopefully she does not discount the baby’s father. And please please let the father not be Wookie man.

Lorelai and Luke- I loved how Lorelai expressed her feelings about her father and maintained her strong character. We were disappointed that they were not married but were excited to see that was resolved. The wedding was amazing- it could not have been any better down to the decorations created by Kirk. It was also great to see the cute town emphasizes during this part. I loved that she went on a hike to find herself but she did not stay or run away from her problems. She addressed them and came back to the people she loved. Luke was perfect just as he always have been. We loved the twist about purchasing the inn. We thought that house was for Luke but it was perfect for the expansion. It was not over the top or unrealistic.

Jess and Christopher- I put these two together because many people are saying that the show is going to come full circle. Logan=Christopher and Jess=Luke. If Logan equals Christopher as fans suggest, then Rory will not let him into the baby’s life which I hope is not the case. I thought it was good that there was not sunshine and flowers with Christopher. To be perfect, everything does not need to be happy. This scene with Christopher hinted strongly at what may come in the future with Rory and her baby. Jess was awesome in this series and many people believe that Rory will end up with him. However, THEY ARE COUSINS PEOPLE THAT IS WEIRD.

Dean- I loved the quick scene featuring Dean. It was sweet and simple and did not end in shambles. He moved on in his life just as Rory should. He was a huge part of the series and deserved this time.

Emily and Robert- It was heartbreaking without Robert but was powerful. I loved the emotions between Emily and Lorelai and how they resolved things. Also, the powerful scene with Robert and Lorelai in the TV finale gave a sense of closure for his death in this series. I loved the story Lorelai came up with about her father.

Morality Rating- 3.5 out of 5 stars

Classic Gilmore style there was not much to skip through. The language was generally clean (one scene in the last episode shows Emily going off her hinge in the DAR- there is bad language) and nothing inappropriate was ever shown. The immoral concept of cheating on a fiancé is obviously not appropriate or comfortable and there are many suggestive themes.




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