The Siren by Kiera Cass

Overall Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Brief Review- Will not contain spoilers!

This book opens with a fascinating idea involving sirens, the mythical creatures. The story certainly opens with a bang and the reader is immediately sucked in. Unfortunately, the body of the story is somewhat lacking as it seemed to drag on and on without much substance. It was painful and almost completely void of hope. Once the climax is reached the action picks up again to bring the readers to an unexpected and somewhat satisfactory end. The beginning and the end are intriguing and entertaining but getting through the middle was a challenge.

Brief Summary- Will not contain spoilers!

Kahlen was just a normal girl traveling by ship with her family when everything goes wrong. She is dragged into the ocean and before life can leave her she is rescued by sirens. In exchange for her life, she is summoned to 100 years of service to the ocean during which she must sing her song of death at passing ships to satisfy the ocean. Her and her sisters receive remarkable physical features and live comfortably. Unfortunately, Kahlen was not designed for this line of work and emotionally struggles with her duties. The only thing she wants is to fall in love and get married which is impossible seeing that she cannot speak without sending a human to the grave. When staying in Miami Kahlen finds herself falling for someone that will be long gone by the time she gets her human life back.

Extended Review:

There were many aspects of this book that I would have changed to enhance the story but there were also some elements that made the story unique. Here they are:

  1. The sirens- I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the lives of each of the siren sisters. I think that the individuality of each of them gave the story a timeless component. It was a downer to watch Kahlen in pain through the ENTIRE STORY. It became a drag and made me feel like she was weak. It also gave a sense of hopelessness to the reader. For me, if there is no hope, I do not see a point in continuing the story. This book was different because the end contained all the hope and there was not an ounce of hope through the story. The sirens were the main event of the entire story and while thrilling at first, it became boring. More action and less drama would have boosted this tale.
  2. The ocean- I loved the dynamics of the ocean. She was angry and hostile but loving and comforting. It made for an interesting antagonist that had a huge potential. The relationship she had with each of the sirens was interesting. Her powers also gave an additional unique element to the plot. She was of the Earth and not a human but had powers over the humans. I appreciated her actions at the close of the story but I definitely did not regard her highly.
  3. Akinli- The character Cass designed to love Kahlen was perfect. He had enough substance to make it extremely probable that a girl desperate for love would fall head over heels for him after only a few hours. The link shared between Akinli and Kahlen was hidden well and was certainly a nice surprise. I was bored once she left his small home town because he just disappeared from the story and there was not any hope of them coming back together. She just wallowed all the time. Once the action picked up it was amazing. But for such a long time the story just drudged on. It was smart that she did this because once Kahlen lost her memory, it was not too detrimental as she was quickly able to reconnect with Akinli on an emotional basis. However, Cass should have trimmed down the extra fluff of the story to refrain from boredom during the waiting period.
  4. The ending- The ending was quite superb. It was meaningful and clearly thought out. I did not see the events coming which made it all the better. I thought she was turning into a human when she got sick but the link between her and Akinli was even better. The fact that she had to lose her memory and that the ocean had to give her away did not take from the story but significantly added to it. I would have liked more of an epilogue because Akinli was not very present in the story but you can’t have it all I suppose. The ending was certainly tainted by the constant pains of the characters throughout the story that just seemed far too overwhelming.

All in all, this story had huge potential from the start and a well planned ending. Unfortunately, the middle section of this story needed some amending. I definitely would recommend the story to Nicholas Sparks fans- I see some resemblance with his stories. If you like action as I do, you will need some patience during this story.

Morality Rating – 4 out of 5 stars

There were some sexual references with Elizabeth- nothing graphic in the least bit. There was also a lot of pain and suffering. I mean the story is about mythical creatures that lure humans to their death so that can obviously be traumatizing for young readers. The themes were pure but the ocean had some slightly misguided incentives and reasoning that could be misjudged by younger readers. I would suggest this story for older teenagers.


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