Map of Fates by Maggie Hall (book review)

Overall Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Summary: Will not contain spoilers!

Map of Fates serves as the sequel to The Conspiracy of Us in which Avery West discovered her true identity as the heir and savior to a powerful political group. This book begins in France as Avery and Jack search for the clues and treasures that will lead them to the tomb of Alexander in hopes that Avery can save her mother from captivity. As the story continues, a strong group of adolescent circle members bond together to keep Avery from an arranged marriage and find the tomb before it is too late. Twists and turns manipulate the characters as some dark secrets regarding the Circle and the Order are revealed.

Brief Review: Will not contain spoilers!

Unfortunately I did not enjoy this story as much as I enjoyed The Conspiracy of Us. The focus was blurred and it was slightly difficult to track with the characters. The meaning and clarity behind the characters actions was not nearly as deep in this sequel. I did appreciate the surprises that popped up regarding the Circle but I was not happy with how the characters developed individually. Yes the camaraderie that formed was endearing but even that was flawed in an awkward and unnecessary fashion. In the end morality is always the most binding factor of a story as it focuses on the depths within an individual. This was a weak sequel to a great story and I believe that reason lies within the fact that romance was overplayed while the morality of the story was thrown out the window.

Extended Review:

I was really let down with this book but it was not horrible by any means. It was a good story but I suppose I was so disappointed because I saw the potential it had. The following are some things I appreciated about the book and other aspects included are those that made me cringe.

  1. Romance Triangle- This new aspect of the book really let me down. The romance that formed between Avery and Jack was so sweet and real. It did not go too fast or too crazy. They really cared about each other and he always protected her. Here are some affects this love triangle has had on each of the three involved:
    1. Avery- The reason in which she broke up with Jack was bogus. Honestly in her situation, she had no right to push away someone was actually was trying to look out for her. She just sort of freaked and did not act like someone in a mature relationship. Jack was trying to reach out to her and she was letting herself slip away from him. What she was doing wasn’t fair and it is how affairs happen every day. Quite frankly this situation weakened Avery in my eyes. Who wants to read a story about a typical teenage relationship that just leads to trouble? Disappointing.
    2. Stellan- Stellan still just gives me the goosebumps. He is not naturally good like Jack is and seems sort of creepy. He seems to have ulterior motives in almost everything that he does. Any guy that allows a girl to come after him right after she breaks up with someone else has a serious lack of judgment. Sure he was a great friend and a great character but this romance weakened his potential.
    3. Jack- Jack was good through the whole story and what he did for her mother was huge. Sure he left Avery in the dark but everyone makes mistakes. He even had her best interest at heart. I hope he ends up with Avery in the end just because he was the only noble character in the whole sequel. I really do not know who she will choose because she is off her rocker judgment wise but my vote is on Jack. They had so many sweet moments that would just be a waste otherwise.
  2. Surprises in the story-
    1. Mom- The fact that Jack went and found Avery’s mother definitely added to the story. She definitely should have had some more dialogue before she was killed out of the story which was somewhat predictable. If Avery could continue with all of her friends her mother would not fit in the environment.
    2. Nonexistent Order/The Saxons- This really caught me for a surprise and was a nice element. The danger was actually from Avery’s family which was interesting but provided a more focused enemy. I felt bad about her new family betraying her but it did add an epic spin.
    3. The Plague- This was a cool way to unite the One and the girl with the Violet eyes. I figured it was not through marriage but I liked this idea. It was executed in a somewhat sloppy manner but in the end the emphasis was there.
  3. Camaraderie- The best part of the story was the friendship that formed between Luc, Jack, Stellan, Avery, Elodie, and Colette. Each character in this group is so different and makes for a dynamic character pool. Each one has a strong potential in the next book and I am looking forward to seeing where each character goes. Luc is whimsical, Jack is good, Stellan is the One, Avery is the girl with the violet eyes, Elodie is sassy, and Colette is loving and famous. I loved this group and I hope they stick together.

This book was a roller coaster but one worth reading to get to the final book which is set to come out in 2017.

Morality Rating- 3 out of 5 stars

This book was worse off than the first- more violence, more suggestive themes, and harder concepts. I would say older and mature teenagers would serve as the best audience although some of the content is not necessarily wholesome.



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