The Conspiracy of Us by Maggie Hall (book review)

Overall rating- 4.5 out of 5 stars

Brief Summary- Will not contain spoilers!

Avery West has spent her childhood moving from town to town with her mother. It is no surprise, then, that when one exciting night presents itself in which she has the potential to meet her family she grabs hold. Only when she is in Paris does she realize that her family is comprised by a very powerful lanolin within a very powerful organization known as the Circle. The story surges forward when Avery learns her significant place in the family and develops feelings for a Keeper- a body guard or agent of sorts for the family. Furthermore, her mother has not answered he phone since Avery took off.

Brief Review- Will not contain spoilers!

This exciting tale is doused in glamour and action through every chapter allowing the treacherous story to unfold in epic fashion. The characters were well developed but the storyline was the marvel of the book. This tale endorsed a unique concept that provided several twists and some intriguing problem solving. Teenage fans of the Selection, the Jewel, and the Defiance series will love this enthralling tale.

Extended Review:

When I watched Alexander and the terrible no good very bad day for the first time I was glued to the screen and howling in laughter the whole way through. Although I was not necessarily laughing through this book, my emotions were deeply attached as I flew through this quick read. When it was over, I was upset because I knew I would never have that first-time-read-through experience ever again. Here are some elements that made this book what it was:

  1. Story line- This book had a fascinating concept. Avery did not know who she was or that her mother was protecting her throughout the duration of her life. The whole idea of the Circle and the Order is mind-boggling and makes for an appealing story. The clues and treasure hunt the characters embark on add a puzzle aspect of the book that many modern stories do not embody. The dynamic storyline provides action, adventure, mystery, suspense, elegance, and romance. In one scene the characters may be running for their lives and living on the run. Turn the page and the same characters are living in a luxury palace. This book takes the poise of the Selection and combines it with the action of the Divergent series. The twist with Stellan made an interesting line-up for the sequel.
  2. Romance- This book has a forbidden romance that is unpredictable. You do not even know how the characters are necessarily feeling which adds to the suspense of the story. It also makes for meaningful resolutions throughout the story. The scenes with Jack and Avery are very sweet and innocent. It is also amazing how the author pulls them together through their history and links them through important people.
  3. Avery was slow- I understand that this was an intense story and needed to be thoroughly explained for the reader’s comprehension. Unfortunately, I found myself annoyed with the amount of time the author spent re-hashing the same pieces of information. Once Avery finally grasped her situation, the story moved on and it was interesting. Until that point however, I kept wanting to shout at her to just process the information and start taking action. Avery was a very good star for this story. She was honest in her train of thought and stubborn enough to have impact in the Circle.

Morality Rating- 4 out of 5 stars

This book had some violence and intense themes but the actions of the main characters were innocent. This is a great story for teens as the trials are very relatable to adolescent life.



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