Deliverance by C.J. Redwine (book review)

Overall Rating- 4 out of 5 stars

Brief Summary- Wil not contain spoilers!

Deliverance opens with Ian dragging Rachel to Rowansmark and several enemies holding Logan at Lankenshire. Rachel begins to plan how to slow Ian’s trek and aid the cause she began with Logan while also fighting for her life. Logan begins to manifest the most extravagant plan of his life. He and many of the survivors of Baalboden make a treacherous agreement to bring justice to the corrupt leaders and save Rachel. This story is filled with Redwine’s typical plot twists and breathtaking scenes. The final book of the Defiance series contains many previously unanswered questions and thus secures the loose ends of the tale in dramatic fashion.

Extended Review:

It is comical to compose a review for the third book in an extremely successful series. Obviously if a reader has completed the first two books in this remarkable story the individual will undoubtably pick up this grand finale. Many authors run with this truth and pump out a half hearted conclusion to make some money before they start the next project. I am relieved and delighted to report that this book stood solid as the prior two in it’s own accord. The best features of this series were maintained while great features gave this book its own gusto. Here are some of those features:

  1. Love story- Once again this romance held itself higher than the typical physical flings. The story brought the reader through an emotional journey that deepened even while the characters were apart. I never felt sick of the main relationship or the other romances that formed during the book.
  2. Character development- Logan and Rachel both faced tremendous battles- physically and mentally. It was amazing to watch both of them struggle through their pain and continuously do what was right. They were not perfect but they did the hard thing and worked through it. This gave the book a tremendous theme of good vs. evil. It is dangerous when one operates according to fear or revenge. This concept is eloquently explained by a fellow bloggers (Mesmeric Ponderings) poem, The Price of Vengeance. When individuals open themselves up to their emotions and do things for the right reasons, they are healthy and everything changes. Many people feel as though emotions are dangerous and show weakness. Emotions make us great and this book showed how one can be strong and extremely human at the same time. The last book explained how one can rid themselves of loneliness and guilt if they expose their secret sins. This book showed the beauty of a guilt free person living in peace through the hard times. Not only did Logan and Rachel develop during this story but Redwine prompted several characters to blossom into dynamic individuals. This made the story even more gripping as it gave the reader several emotional ties. Some of the best surprise characters were Willow, Ian, Quinn, and Frankie.
  3. Story line- Like always, Redwine formed an Enchanting and surprising story that required expert precision and much planning. The twists (such as with Logan and Ian’s father) were extraordinary. The characters changed according to the new events which really made the story feel realistic. The story was not as surprising as in the second novel but that is somewhat necessary to build an appropriate climax and ending.
  4. Tied ends/Happy ending- As with character development, there were many things that needed to be resolved in this book and Redwine accomplished all of it. Logan and Rachel sorted out their emotional issues. The Commander was brought to justice. Rowansmark was defeated. Marcus was reunited with Logan. The characters all fell into a beautiful life. All of this was accomplished in dramatic fashion that was definitely planned out. It was refreshing to have a beautiful ending. These characters were extraordinary. That is what storytelling is all about! They came out victorious and that is what I wanted to see. Sure they made sacrifices but sometimes you just need a relief in a happy ending. Especially in a story such as this one where the characters suffered on such an extreme level.
  5. Realistic: the whole world is not corrupt- In many modern fantasy stories the “good guys” have to conquer the entire government as it is assumed to be comprised completely by monsters. I appreciated how these characters did not have to take on a new world- just fix the inappropriate elements of their current life. We should all aim to make our world a little better and realize that not all people are bad but sometimes things just need to change.

Morality Rating- 3 out of 5 stars

Once again this book had an intense amount violence and pain. Definitely not appropriate for younger teens. Nevertheless, the story was wholesome and the characters were genuinely good. This book has some great messages that were extremely profound and I believe everyone can learn from them at the appropriate time.


The Price of Vengeance by Logan S.

It starts with rage
That compelling hate
Burning through strongly
No hope to abate

The energy flows
From the mind to the soul
Bring upon vengeance
Summon it’s toll

The inception is glorious
Justice has been served
Evil has been dethroned
It receives what’s deserved

But guilt settles in
As guilt always will
Tortures the heart
Softens the will

It’s always too late
No time to take back
The misguided mismap
The vengeful attack

No victor emerges
From the impulsive act
Both sides defeated
No victory intact


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