Captain America: Civil War (Movie Review)

Overall Rating- 3.5 out of 5 stars

Brief Summary- Will not contain spoilers!

This movie is the third movie centered around Captain America (Chris Evans) but ties in many other characters and themes from recent Marvel movies. The United Nations desires to put restraints upon the Avengers to keep them accountable for their actions. Although they have saved the world several times, they always leave a path of destruction. Some of the Avengers agree to the conditions while others do not. Captain America’s best friend from his original days, Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) is thought to have detonated a bomb during the United Nations gathering. Captain America trusts his friend although Bucky has been the recipient of mind altering procedures. Half of the Avengers side with him while the others side with Tony Stark or Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.).

Brief Review- Will not contain spoilers!

While the fighting and action were as legendary as ever, the weak story line provides for a very predictable end. I knew where the story was going after the initial introduction. It was painful to watch the Avengers fight with one another throughout the entire film. I feel as though the Avengers are always fighting so this was nothing new just slightly exhausting. I also understand that it is entertaining to watch all of the Avengers get together but aside from a slight focus, I did not feel this movie centered around Captain America. I loved his original storyline and I would have liked to see more of an individual quest. This is not a movie that you could sit down and watch with appreciation without having watched the previous Captain America and Avengers movies. I would also suggest watching the other superhero’s individual stories. There were some great themes and scenes but I felt like once again this was a moneymaker and did not provide an expertly produced story.

Extended Review

Here are some things that gave me an overall impression of the film:

  1. Plethora of supers- It was really amazing to watch all of the heroes in combined scenes. This made for some pretty interesting match ups. I also thoroughly enjoyed the social interaction between them. In the end they all cared for one another as brothers and sisters but understood that a line had to be drawn. This is powerful because it reminds us that although the people we love may have one opinion we have to stand up for what we believe in. If you do not stand on solid reasoning then you will bring confusion to yourself that results in all kinds of shortcomings. The only negative to having all the supers was it shifted the attention from Captain America. It felt more like an Avengers movie especially because in them they typically center around one super more than others. Regardless, Marvel has carefully created personas for each of the supers that fans have grown to love.
  2. Spiderman- While Tom Holland was a fun component to the movie I wish they brought in Andrew Garfield (The Amazing Spiderman). The continuity and maturity would have been appreciated and his disposition would have still provided the relief they were hoping for in the character.
  3. Theme- The theme of saving people for sacrificing their freedom was powerful. I do not really feel as though the issue was resolved and so the theme just kind of fell out of the story. Nothing was really accomplished in the end. Sure the letter was great but we do not know how Stark felt about it. We do not even know how the Avengers all felt about the issue at the end. This movie was another moneymaker and another placeholder for the next movie. Leaving the theatre someone I was with said, “I just want a movie with a beginning, a middle, and an end. I feel like I just paid for a movie¬†with no real substance.” I really thought about this statement and felt that I had to agree. While the normal charm of Marvel was prominent, the story in itself was not impressive. Logic was simply disregarded and I could feel the impact of weak preparation.
  4. Action- Action is never a disappointment in Marvel movies and most likely the biggest draw to this film. The scenes were incredible and dynamic which is extremely difficult when you have 12 plus supers to work with. I felt like all of them let their personality shine during the limited windows of screen time they were each given. The scenes were organized and highly entertaining. Kudos definitely should be given for the action.

This movie was impressive in some areas and strongly lacking in others. In general, I think more emotional appeal needed to be incorporated. Let me know what you thought of this new hit.

Morality Rating- 4.5 out of 5 stars

Some scenes can be intense in regards to violence (obviously) but it was not overly graphic. The themes were clean and I remember seeing super hero films when I was a child and absolutely loving them. I do not think that older children would have a problem with this if they are not sensitive towards fighting. Parents definitely need to supervise!


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