The Intern (Movie Review)

Overall Rating– 5 out of 5 stars

Brief Summary– Will not contain spoilers!

Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway) is an ambitious and successful business woman who has created a buzzing fashion company from scratch. Ben Whittaker (Robert De Niro) is an elderly man who still desires to achieve in life after his retirement and the death of his wife. A new program goes underway in which new companies hire older workers as interns who have had years of experience. Ben is assigned to the companies CEO who believes she does not need an intern- well a 70 year old intern. It turns out that she needs him more than intended. As Jules personal life takes a dramatic turn, Ben is her constant as he shoulders the load and makes life a beautiful place.

Brief Review- Will not contain spoilers!

If you need to take a deep breathe and inhale genuine sweetness this is the movie for you. The influential themes of the power of women and the preciousness of elders makes this film inspiring as well as entertaining. The morals that this film demonstrate are much needed in a world that seems to center around immorality. You will get up from this movie feeling good from the comical events and playful attitudes that surmise the characters. But even more profound- you will get up from this movie feeling empowered. The characters do what is right- not what is easy. An inspiring story reminds viewers that life is better when you work hard and love freely. I do not give movies 5 stars. This one deserved it.

Extended Review

Here are some of the key factors that made this movie a raving success:

  1. Theme #1 women empowerment- This movie flawlessly revealed the true value of a genuine feminist. A feminist is often mistaken as a person who believes there is no difference between males and females. This is a lie through and through. Rather, a feminist is someone who appreciates the differences between males and females and believes that both are capable of achieving greatness in their own way. In the movie, Jules believes that she needs to give up her career to save her marriage. While sacrificing is a vital part of marriage so is faithfulness. She was a very capable woman and needed to be reminded of such. She could be both a successful business woman and a devoted wife. She was not throwing her weight around because she was a woman. She was influential because of her accomplishments, work ethic, and character. A woman does not need to be banged around by a man but also a woman can still act like a lady and be respected. Such a perfect blend was displayed in this movie that respect was reaped and sown by all the characters- if only the world was this way.
  2. Theme #2 respect your elders- This is something that we all forget. We often coddle elders as they are frail and sometimes deemed faded. Yet we need to remember how valuable they are. They have collected a vast amount of knowledge that accumulated into wisdom during the course of their lives. They desire to share that with the world if the world will let them. Ben is observant and hard-working. He does not say much but he speaks volumes. He knows what should be changed and is confident in his abilities. All of these qualities are commonly lacking in new employees. We can learn from those who have blazed the trail before us. Elders deserve our respect and attention.
  3. Actors/Actresses- This movie had great chemistry. All of the supporting roles blended with the stars to make a very compatible cast. De Niro and Hathaway truly flowed together- she was all over the place and he was stable, she was whimsical and he was simple, she was creative and he was confident. The writing that made the characters and the stars that executed the roles were inspired.
  4. Story line- The story had a quality that everyone desires from movies but rarely receives- the element of surprise. I truly thought I knew where the story was going but one dramatic twist gave the movie so much more potential and then meaning. Romantic themes spice up the movie while maintaining the focus on the company and the intern.

I highly recommend this movie for these main reasons. Please feel free to tell me how you responded to the movie 🙂

Morality Rating- 5 out of 5

This movie had profound messages that blended with a pure script. There were some cursing but the plot would probably not be well received by children regardless. This is a great movie for teens and up.


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